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Becoming a Surrogate is one of the most rewarding and selfless things you can do for someone that cannot have children.


GS: between the ages of 20-42
TS: between the ages of 20-39

*Non-smoker and living in a smoke free environment
*Non-drinker or occasional drinker that is willing to refrain during pregnancy
*Be willing to undergo mental evaluation
*Be willing to undergo STD/infectious disease testing
*Be willing to undergo a criminal background check
*Must have good pregnancy history (given birth to at least 1 baby)
*Must be dependable and dedicated
*Family must be complete or not wanting to have more children for a minimum of 2 years!

How long does it take for a Surrogate to be matched?
I cannot give you a time line on when you can expect to be matched...that can depend on a lot of things such as your location, fees, beliefs, insurance, etc.

What compensation packages do Surrogates usually ask for?
All surrogates set their own compensation, the figures below are averages. I have had some Surrogates with comp as low as $5,000 so it's what you decide is best for you.

First Time Surrogate                                       up to $22,000

Second Time Surrogate                                   up to $25,000

Third Time Surrogate +                                   $25,000 +

**Possible Extras**

Child care                                                      $5-$10 per hour (only actual charge will be reimbursed)
Housekeeping                                                $50 weekly+ (for bed rest)
Maternity Clothing                                          $500 ($700 for multiples)
Medical Insurance                                           $250-$350 Month

Travel                                                           Actual (hotel, food, travel and transportation)               
Lost wages                                                     Actual
Invasive procedures                                        $500 (selective reduction, D&C, Amnio, etc)
Transfer fee (IVF)                                           $500
Home insemination or AI  for TS                      $150 (up to 3 insems per month)
Multiple Fee                                                   $1,000-$3,000
C-Section                                                       $1,500
Life Insurance                                                 $200+

When will the Surrogate's compensation start?
The compensation begins within 14 days of a viable heartbeat via ultrasound at approximately 6 weeks gestation, and then mailed on the first of each month thereafter. Although before pregnancy, reimbursements are given 14 days after submitting your statement.

You can download the proper application/profile from below or request additional information at:  

Surrogate Profile/App Part 1

When using the Profile from the site, click on the link, choose "save" and then save it as a Word document, using your name, Surrogacy choice, and State (SharronGSMS or SharronGSTSMS) so you can find it in your documents. Do NOT print/or complete by hand. Documents must be completed on your computer only.

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