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Earthly Angels


Fee for Surrogacy Program (US clients):                       
(Excludes Hawaii, Puerto Rico & US Virgin Islands)
$ 8,000
If outside the US:  $10,000
Egg Donor Program $ 3,500
Sperm Donor $1,500

Please ask about our discounts when using more than 1 of our services (surrogate+egg donor or surrogate+sperm donor, etc) 

First time Surrogate up to $22,000
Second time Surrogate up to $25,000
Third time Surrogate+ $25,000+


**Surrogate's Compensation**    
Please take into consideration that these figures are estimates. EA does not have a "set" fee schedule for the Surrogates to go by since some ask for lower or higher than average fees.

 **Possible Extras** These are estimated to be between $10,000-15,000:

  • Childcare                                     $5-$10 per hour (with a daily maximum for appointments)
  •  Housekeeping                             $50 weekly  (for bed rest only)
  • Maternity Clothing                         $500 singleton ($700 for multiples)
  • Medical Insurance                         $250-$600 Monthly (depending on state)
  • Travel                                        Actual hotel & flight, food $40 per day, mileage 40 cents per mile 
  • Lost wages                                  Actual
  • Invasive procedures                      $500 (selective reduction, D&C, Amnio, etc)
  • Transfer fee (IVF)                        $500
  • IUI fee                                       $150 (up to 3 insems per month)
  • Multiple Fee                                  $1,500-$3,500
  • C-Section                                     $1,500
  • Life Insurance                               $200+ yearly

**Medical & Legal**  
These costs are estimates and differ from clinic to clinic. Payable directly to the clinic or I can pay on your behalf.

IVF  (for GS)                                          $18,500+ (one cycle, includes egg retreival, genetictesting, gender selection and embryo transfer)

IUI (for TS)                                           $2000+  (one insemination)

Legal costs                                            $6,000-$8,000 (for Contract and pre-birth order)


Projected total costs: (There are additional costs for International clients)

These costs are figured using a first time Surrogate/Egg Donor with average comp packages, and average clinical fees for IVF/IUI;

Traditional Surrogacy: (includes EA agency fee, legal fees, first time Surrogate's compensation, extras, and at least one IUI) Approximately $50,000 (could be more or less).

Gestational Surrogacy: (includes EA agency fee, legal fees, first time Surrogate's compensation, extras and one round of IVF) Approximately $65,000 (could be more or less).

Gestational Surrogacy with a first time GS & Egg Donor: (includes EA agency fee, legal fees, first time GS & ED comp, meds & retrieval) Approximately $75,000 (could be more or less)

Sperm Donor through a Sperm bank: Approximately $1,500 for 3 vials (paid to the Sperm bank)

EA is now offering all-incusive packages to help keep costs from going over the set budget!! Please ask for more details.

Earthly Angels
Mississippi, California & Arkansas

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