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Things to Know:

If you have read the "about us" section, you know that Sharron knows exactly what you are going through. We know that you have probably exhausted yourself and all means of having a child by this point. We are known for working with all budgets...large and small. No one can guarantee what your total out of pocket will be though; however, we will guarantee you that we will do everything in our power to make your dream of becoming a parent a reality and to keep the cost as low as possible.

Earthly Angels is proud of it's reputation! We have repeat clients & Surrogates, and also have a lot of our clients referred to us by well known clinics. Please ask to speak with references!

How long does the matching process take?
Typically, it takes 4-6 weeks, but we have had matches in as little as 2 days.

How soon after matching can the first IVF cycle can begin?
This depends on how quickly you would like for things to move, but it can be within 4 weeks of match though. 

When will the Surrogate find out if she is pregnant?
Most Surrogates will take home pregnancy tests starting approximately 5 days after the procedure. The doctor will confirm with a blood test 10-12 days after the IUI/home inseminations or IVF, and the contractual confirmation will be at approximately 6 weeks gestation.

When will the Surrogate's compensation begin?
At approximately 8 weeks gestation, the Surrogate will go to a clinic for an ultrasound to confirm that a viable heart beat has been detected. EA will instruct the escrow company to send the first comp payment within 14 business days after the ultrasound confirmation report has been received, and mailed on the first of each following month thereafter.

Please feel free to read the "Process" section to learn more, located under the "Intended Parent" tab.

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Earthly Angels cannot and will not give legal or medical advice.

Earthly Angels has the right to refuse to work with anyone.  

Earthly Angels
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