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Earthly Angels
About Us

Earthly Angels is owned and operated by Sharron Wooten. She suffered with infertility for several years, but now Mom to 6 children (2 biological and 4 that grew in heart...not her tummy). She is also now an experienced Egg Donor and on her 10th journey as a Surrogate Mother.

This service was founded in 2003 to help others become parents without the high agency fees. Her own personal experience with infertility and Surrogacy will help her to help you with your journey, and it also helps her to
understand the need and desire to find the right match for you.

Sharron had given birth to a boy and a girl, but years later wanted more children. She came from a big family... the baby of 6 children so she knew that her family wasn't complete. She tried for several years, before accepting the fact that there was a problem. She was diagnosed in 1997 as having blocked fallopian tubes.
After checking with Surrogacy and adoption agencies, she realized that both were out of their budget. So they decided to go with adoption, and hopefully find a Birth Mom on their own. After only running into a lot of scammers online, they were almost ready to give up when a family member became pregnant, and asked them to adopt the baby. Needless to say, they were ecstatic!
They were very involved in the entire pregnancy...Sharron took the Birth Mom to all of her doctor appointments, and was even in the delivery room. Their beautiful baby girl was born, and was named  Michaeli (my-kay-lee) Faith. They were able to take her home after 2 days, but were unable to get the papers signed due to the 72 hour waiting period falling on a holiday. She got a call when Michaeli was 4 days old that the Birth Mom had changed her mind....their whole world came tumbling down when they had to give her back.
A little over a year later, they were asked by another family member to take in her 2 children that were ages 9 years old and 17 months. They were very pleased and honored to do so. Approximately a year later, the Birth Mom of their failed adoption needed us to care for their precious baby girl, now 17 months and later took her new brother that was 8 months old. The first set of siblings are 24 & 16 years old and the second set are 16 & 14 years!
During this time, Sharron still wanted to be able to help others, so she became an Egg Donor for a couple who couldn't conceive due the Intended Mom having to go through chemotherapy for Cancer. She also became a gestational carrier for another couple, but due to their egg quality, it was unsuccessful. She later found another couple, and they were successful on the first try of IVF. Sharron delivered very healthy, full term, precious twin boys on Sept.13th, 2007 on her Mom's birthday whom she'd lost 2 years previously. Sharron has since given birth to 7 babies for others (2 sets of twins and 3 singletons),with the last twins being born in December 2016. 
Sharron handles each journey, personally. 

Earthly Angels
Mississippi, California & Arkansas

Phone: 662.312.4487