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Earthly Angels

Becoming an Egg Donor is one of the most rewarding and selfless things you can do for someone that cannot produce their own ovum. We work with U.S and international Egg Donors.


ED: between the ages of 19-28

*Non-smoker and living in a smoke free environment
*Non-drinker or occasional drinker that is willing to refrain during the cycling process
*Be willing to undergo mental evaluation
*Be willing to undergo STD/infectious disease testing
*Be willing to undergo a criminal background check
*Must be dependable and devoted
*Having children is not a requirement

How long does it take for an Egg Donor to be matched?
I cannot give you a time line on when you can expect to be matched...that can depend on a lot of things such as your location, fees, etc.

What compensation packages do Egg Donors usually ask for?
All EDs set their own compensation, the figures below are averages.

First Time ED:                                             $3,000 (more for models, Asians, and high IQ)

Second Time ED:                                           5,000

Third Time + ED:                                          6,000 +

**Possible Extras**

Child care                                                      $5-$10 per hour (with a daily maximum for appointments) 
Donor Insurance                                            Up to $300
Actual hotel & flight, food                               $ 40 daily               
Lost wages                                                     Actual

When will the Egg Donor's compensation be given?
The compensation is paid within 14 days after the retrieval regardless of outcome (unless it is proven the the ED did not follow instructions).

Earthly Angels
Mississippi, California & Arkansas

Phone: 662.312.4487