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Earthly Angels

What do we need to do before EA can begin the matching process?
You must complete all 4 steps below:

*Complete an application/profile
*Have a phone Interview
*Sign contract with Earthly Angels
*Pay Program fee (you can choose to pay the full program fee in 2 installments or pay a discounted fee in full).

Earthly Angels can assist you with the entire process, step by step including, but not limited to:

 *You can decide if there is a suitable Surrogate for you on our available list, but if not, we will begin advertising for you until prospective matches are found. The average match time is 4-6 weeks.

*During this time if the Intended Father will need to have a semen analysis if his sperm will be used.

*Once a prospective match is found, EA will exchange profiles between you.

*If both parties still think it's a possible match, EA will schedule a phone conference with all parties (agency, IPs and Surrogate).

*If both parties still feel like it's a match after the conference call, you can choose to meet or continue with the process.

*EA can:
Locate attorneys, doctors, clinics, insurance plans, if needed.

*Get the expense account set up and handle the financial transactions.

*Work out the Surrogacy agreement and submit the info to the attorney that is needed to draft the Surrogacy contract.

*Assist with getting appointments scheduled for any additional testing that the clinic requires for the IPs and Surrogate.

If it will be a traditional surrogacy, EA will begin tracking her cycle for IUI or home insemination. If for home insems, I will let you and the surrogate know when the home inseminations will need to be done, and also give the Surrogate detailed instructions on how to do the insemination. 

*If the Intended Mom is interested in breast feeding, EA will locate a lactation consultant in your area.

*Keep track of all the surrogate's appointments by getting the report faxed to me (for any visits the IPs cannot attend to ensure there is still an ongoing pregnancy before sending payments each month).

 * I will personally work out any/all issues that arise during the journey to the best of my ability to ensure that everyone involved has a wonderful experience.

* If a pre-birth order has been issued, I will speak with the hospital administration to ensure everything goes smoothly during the delivery with the Intended Parents' names being placed on the birth certificate.

*** EA's assistance doesn't stop at the delivery, but 12 months post!*** Unfortunately, EA cannot guarantee that everyone will have a baby.

Earthly Angels
Mississippi, California & Arkansas

Phone: 662.312.4487