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Earthly Angels
US Surrogacy

Now offering guaranteed baby packages at the lowest cost in the US!

Ask about the INCLUSIVE surrogacy package with donor embryos!! You are guaranteed a live birth. You will also have the option of choosing the gender of your child/children.

Earthly Angels has the lowest fee in the U.S. with over 20 years experience in the infertility/surrogacy community!! We now have translators from China & Taiwan, and also have the lowest cost surrogacy packages! One of the biggest concerns for International Parents has been having medical coverage for their newborns if there is an extended hospital stay. You are now able to get a very cost efficient, inurance plan for your newborn(s) for approximately $100 a month, per baby!! The insurance will cover up to approximately 80% of your child's medical expenses (or choose the inclusive package)! 

Earthly Angels has been making Surrogacy more affordable for everyone, and still offering the best service around the world for over 17 years! Intended parents choose the location where they prefer their Traditional or Gestational Surrogate to be and we'll find her or feel free to choose one from our available list. We accept a limited number of clients per year so you are given the very best one on one care! There is never a waiting list for Intended Parents!! Please review our testimonial page! 

We have our main legal contacts in California and Arkansas since those States have very favorable Pre-Birth Order laws. Pre-birth orders are available in several other states that we also use. This will give the Parents the best oportunity to have their names placed on the Birth Certificate at birth.


Your Earthly Angel; XuYi has arrived!!!
Born on January 10th!
She weighed 8 lbs 12 oz!!!

Thanks Surro, Lora!!

CONGRATULATIONS K & M from Taiwan!!!

Your Earthly Angel; Donald has arrived!!!
Born on Novemer 25th!!

Thanks Surro, Crystal!!


Your Earthly Angel, Emma has arrived!!!
She was born on November 2nd!!!

Thanks Surro, Angie!!!

CONGRATULATIONS N & N from Israel!!!

Your Earthly Angels; Maya & Tomer have arrived!!!
Born on December 22nd!

Thanks Surro, Ami!!

Just a few of the many babies (Earthly Angels) born with the help of this service (and God)!

Making Your Dreams come true of becoming a parent is what we do best!!


Superior Service & Support Throughout Your Journey!

Earthly Angels
Mississippi, California & Arkansas

Phone: 662.312.4487